As YMCUP Family, We Attended Tuyap 2018 Fair

As YMCUP Family, We Attended Tuyap 2018 Fair

Hot air bonding

Hot air machines blowing steam at high temperatures are used in many areas of industry. In the paper cup industry, the heat produced by hot air welding machines helps to boil and stick the cups.

Ultrasonic bonding

Ultrasonic bonding is the process of welding with these mechanical vibrations by converting the electricity created by sound frequencies that human beings cannot hear into mechanical energy. In this technique, which does not involve the use of any heat, the two parts of the machine interlock and complete the welding process.

About the paper cup

Cardboard cups are items that provide convenience to people thanks to their disposable feature in common areas. Especially compared to plastic cups, they are frequently preferred because they are environmentally friendly, high recycling rates and do not harm human health. Especially in hot products, cardboard cups are becoming one of the best quality disposable products with their useful structure and no chemicals.