CEO-Enes Yavuz

Enes Yavuz, one of the CEOs of our company, was born in 1994 in Istanbul. Enes Yavuz, who grew up with Yavuz Makine, a family company since he was born, received his high school education at Inonu Industrial Vocational High School.

While continuing his high school education, Enes Yavuz, who carried out very important works in the field of cardboard cup manufacturing at Yavuz Makine company, studied at Bolu Vocational School in the field of Machinery and Metal Technologies. Enes Yavuz, who uses his knowledge, creativity and talents from the past, is one of the biggest architects of the company’s being the leader of Turkey.

CEO-Eren Yavuz

Our CEO Eren Yavuz was born in 1997 in Istanbul. Since the entire family was assigned to YMCUP Yavuz Makine, he had been intimate with this company since he was a child and was interested in the cardboard cup industry. In this process, he made a great contribution to the development of the company by signing big projects and enabled it to become the leader of today. Then, Eren Yavuz, who wanted to improve himself in the academic field, graduated from Istanbul University, Technical Sciences, Control and Automation Department. Yavuz Anadolu University, who wants to gain more equipment and plans to represent the company well, successfully completed the Department of Business Administration and joined the CEOs of our company.