When it comes to cardboard cups and mass production, one of the most important issues that companies should deal with is packaging. Companies that produce hundreds of thousands of glasses a day and have to send these glasses to the necessary places allocate a large amount of resources for packaging. Therefore, the yield and profit from all cardboard cups are adversely affected.


As Yavuz Makine, we help your company not only in the production of paper and cardboard cups, but also in the packaging of these cups. We work day and night to be with you in every field from production to distribution and bring innovations that will have a great impact on the sector! You can discover and experience these innovations thanks to our brand new product YM/PKT paper cup packaging machine.

Thanks to the YM/PKT product, which can produce 30 packages per minute, 50 glasses in each package, you will push the limits of mass production. With the volume options you can choose from 3 oz to 16 oz, you can pack all the glasses produced in your company in a single center. Thus, you can deliver your orders to your customers quite easily before they expire.

Thanks to the YM/PKT packaging machine enjoy the new generation technology by spending less time and money!

While 1 staff can control 2 of the old generation packaging machines only 2 personnel are required for 20 of the YM/PKT branded products. Thanks to this new technology, you can move your companies to the top of the sector and be far ahead of your competitors.

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