PRODUCT PERFORMANCE   YM / BKM Series Printing and cutting machines realize the printed paper and measurement required for production on the same machine. The cutting mold on the machine is a cassette system and the desired dimensions can be cut by changing the mold. KULLANIM   It is suitable for the use of water-based [...]


YMCUP has adopted the principle of providing quality products and services to its customers at the right time, at the right place and at the right price with its professional staff, in accordance with the developing dynamics of the world economy, with an effective and contemporary understanding since its establishment.   YMCUP, which expands its [...]


VISION   Our vision is to be a brand that offers superior quality products to domestic and international customers as a leader and reliable company in the machinery manufacturing sector, to reach our existing production and sales units by the end of each year and to attend certain fairs and to open a stand until [...]