Ali Yavuz, the founder of Yavuz Makine, the first and only paper cup machine manufacturer in Turkey, was born in 1969 in Çorum.

He completed his primary and secondary education in the city where he was born. Afterwards, Yavuz, who wanted to enter the business life, started to work as a lathe and gear apprentice in Istanbul Bayrampaşa industrial sites in 1984.

Yavuz, who gained important knowledge about machines and experienced day by day, transitioned from apprentice to journeyman and then to mastery level. After getting his mastership and master teaching certificate, he got one step closer to realizing his dreams and established his own company under the name Yavuz Gear.

Ali Yavuz, who wants to realize his vision, dreams and ideals, worked hard for this and opened YM Yavuz Makine company in 2016. Combining his accumulated experience with the deficiencies he saw in the sector and the dreams he had accumulated so far, he developed his company on machines that produce and cut cardboard cups. YM Yavuz Makine, the first and only representative of this sector in Turkey, continues to maintain its leadership and increase its prestige exponentially..