Yavuz machine continues to be with you and your business in every field! Especially in this period when the takeaway and ready-to-eat catering industry were in their golden age, the bowls and containers in which the meals were placed became very important. While main courses and snacks such as desserts and soups are in small bowls, larger bowls are needed for foods with a large volume such as salads.

With YM/KSM – DK, the heavyweight of our machine series, you can have a great machine that will meet your needs. This model allows you to mass-produce large-volume containers, which we call salad bowls. In this way, you can respond to all requests from your customers and provide them with a perfect experience in every respect.

You can request an offer and get more detailed information about the YM/KSM – DK (Carton Salad Container Machine) machine. You can contact our customer service immediately.

This gigantic machine, capable of producing 40 large containers per minute, enables you to produce quality bowls using the ultrasonic joining method. Despite its large size and producing fairly large products, the machine consumes less electrical energy than most products on the market. In this way, you can prevent the use of extra resources while producing very important and large products for your business.

You can produce salad containers in four different sizes such as 500, 550, 750 and 1000 cc, and you can use the product you need whenever you want.

You can also rely on this model developed by the successful engineers of Yavuz Makine. With our experience in the sector, our expert staff, our past successes and future plans, we are always with our valued customers who prefer us.