The raw material required for the production of paper cups, as we all know, is PE printed paper. These papers, on the other hand, need to be quickly cut into cup sizes, combined and printed in mass production. Thus, cardboard cups can be produced quickly and sent to the address of the customer who placed the order. In the cutting of PE printed papers, assistance is usually obtained from the machines.

YM/KM – DK model, one of the new series products of Yavuz makine, allows cutting of single or double sided PE coated papers. With this model, which is made using electricity-efficient and new technologies, which companies need, and which has a high profit rate, you will double your profits and you will regret not ordering this machine before.

You can request an offer immediately and get more detailed information about the YM/KM – DK (Cutting) machine. You can contact our customer service immediately.

This machine, which allows you to easily place your heavy papers thanks to its bobbin lifting unit, promises you very fast and satisfactory results. Our machine allows you to increase your production capacity by making 325 strokes per minute. You can also cut glasses in many volumes from 3 oz up to 16 oz using this machine.

It’s time to meet the YM/KM model produced in order to eliminate the manpower in paper bobbin cutting and to prevent companies from spending extra resources!

Would you like to have one of the best and privileged machines of Yavuz Makine with its electricity saving, very powerful electrical installation and many more engineering wonders? If your answer is yes, you can contact us immediately to examine our YM/KM model more closely and to own one of these products.