YM/DWKBM (Double Wall Paper Cup)

One of the leading brands in the paper and cardboard packaging industry, Yavuz Makine helps businesses that want to produce double-layered cardboard cups with the YM/DWKBM model.

Double-layered paper and cardboard cups have a more advanced and complex structure than single-layered cups. The biggest advantage of this type of glasses is that they do not harm the hands, even if there are very hot drinks in them, as they are double-layered. In addition, double-layered paper cups have thermal properties, allowing drinks to stay hot or cold for longer.

You can request an offer and get more detailed information about the YM/DW – DK (Double Wall Paper Cup) machine. You can contact our customer service immediately.

Thanks to the YM/DWKBM machine, you can produce double-layered paper cups, which are very useful and high quality products, with high efficiency. This model, which every business that cares about user experience and values its customers should have; It allows you to produce 70 to 80 glasses per minute. Moreover, you can synchronize your productions by operating synchronously with the single-layer paper cup machine.

Our model gives you a choice in gluing. You can choose the production method suitable for your purpose with glue or ultrasonic bonding. At the same time, this model provides a great advantage to businesses in terms of electricity consumption. With a maximum energy consumption of 8 to 10 kW per hour, YM/DWKBM is way ahead of its counterparts in this field.

If you want to use double-layered paper cups, which are more advantageous and more useful than other types of paper cups, you should definitely put this machine at the top of your list.

You will definitely be able to see the difference with your own eyes when you start using this product, which produces ergonomic energy saving, fast working quality products and makes a great contribution to your company.