YM/KKM (Hot Air Bonding)

The rapid increase in takeaway orders from restaurants has increased the need for disposable cups and bowls. While some restaurants prefer plastic and derivative containers, some restaurants prefer paper or cardboard containers that are not harmful to the environment. That’s why paper and cardboard containers that have a nicer look, are economical and also environmentally friendly are of great importance.

With YM/KKM, the new generation cardboard bowl production machine developed by Yavuz Makina, you will now be able to produce cardboard containers comfortably. In this period when disposable containers are very popular and in great demand, you can go to the top of your industry and stay a few steps ahead of your competitors with a machine that will make your work easier.

You can request an offer and get more detailed information about the YM/KKM (Hot Air Sealing) machine. You can contact our customer service immediately.

With YM/KKM, which can produce exactly 60 cardboard bowls per minute, you will be able to respond to urgent needs easily. Thanks to the ultrasonic side bonding feature, you can obtain extra durable and high quality bowls. You should definitely try this model with its hot air and resistance optional bonding system, low electricity usage, strong structure, long-lasting usage guarantee and high product efficiency.

YM/KKM, where you can easily produce soup, doner and dessert boxes, can produce bowls in many different sizes and shapes.

Do not miss the advantages of our model, which offers bowl production in 7 different sizes and 3 different shapes from 14 oz to 300 cc! You too, prefer YM/KKM paper bowl machine with the assurance of Yavuz Makine and respond to urgent needs immediately!