YM/KBM – DK 80

Paper cups are one of the very useful tools that we use frequently from many areas of our lives. It is highly preferred, especially because it is resistant to cold and heat, and is more environmentally friendly and more useful than plastic cups.

Thanks to YM/KBM- DK 80 paper cup machines, you can now have mass production quality paper cups! You will definitely like the paper cup production power, environment-friendly features and system equipped with the latest technology of YM/KBM- DK 80, produced by successful engineers within Yavuz Machine.

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Considering the products used in the YM/KBM- DK 80 machine, which can produce exactly 80 cardboard and paper cups per minute, it is quite environmentally friendly. Thanks to YM/KBM-80, you can easily add a single and double-sided polyethylene coating to your glasses, which makes it easier to store especially hot and cold drinks.

Our machine paste the paper cups with hot air and resistance method. You can also opt for an optional ultrasonic bonding method and adjust your machine in this direction. The YM/KBM- DK 80 hours with three phase and 380 volt power consumes a maximum of 13 kW electricity.

YM/KBM- DK 80 speed and effectively produce paper cups and can say one of the most important machines in need of businesses who want to take part in the peak of the sector. Many useful features are the environmentally friendly structure beyond the age of the technology and the energy efficient structure and YM/KBM- DK 80 is the best paper cup machines.