Thanks to the technical team of Yavuz Mechanical Engineers, the Company and philosophy also offers a great paper cup production machine to more you. YM / KBM-110 paper cup machine will drag all the paper cup machines on the market on the dusty shelves of history!


Imagine a machine that consumes as much electricity as any other machine, takes up as much space as they do, and does not burden your business. But it does almost 1.5 times more work per minute. It really is an incredible and wonderful machine, isn’t it? Here, the YM/KBM-110 model offers you these privileges and enables you to be a leader in the sector.

This model, which can produce up to 110 paper cups per minute, is perfect for businesses that provide fast and fast service. This model, which uses the ultrasonic bonding method, also allows you to produce high quality glasses.

Despite offering such fast and high quality production, YM/KBM-110 does not steal any additional resources and space from you and your business. With its ergonomic and compact design, our model provides a great space advantage for your business. In addition, YM/KBM-110, which is more advantageous than its peers in terms of electricity consumption, consumes very little energy and reduces the expenses of your business with low operating and maintenance costs.

The YM/KBM-110 machine will save you money as it is more affordable than its competitors! Multiple speed options and no need for an extra compressor are just a few of the extra privileges it offers you.

We definitely recommend the YM/KBM-110 model to our customers who want to increase their capacity and have the most advantageous product in the market and to move their place higher in the sector with the latest technology machines.

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