One of the sections in the paper and cardboard cup production sector that needs attention is waste and waste paper. If these papers are not recycled or properly stored, can cause great harm. Pieces of paper that has become a mountain fill the warehouses to a large extent, while the pieces that are not converted and thrown away can cause great financial damage to the company!


If you want to prevent all this, we would like to give you news that will make you very happy. Thanks to the YM/PRM printing and press machine produced by Yavuz Makine, you can make your waste and waste paper more useful. With its very powerful printing and pressing feature, you can place your papers in this machine and get big bales and save both space and money.

With a bale capacity of 30 to 40 kg, you can obtain bales suitable for transport, or you can produce bales in much larger sizes depending on the capacity of your company. Our press machine, which brings the papers to the smallest possible size with a full 4-ton printing capacity, does not create a big burden on your business. Thanks to its electricity savings, you can make a very effective reinforcement to your company with a more powerful and less energy-consuming machine.

In addition to such positive features, it also makes the work of companies much easier with its compactness and ergonomics.

Powerful, economical, ergonomic, useful and modern looking… What more can you expect from a printing press? Our new YM/PRM model, which can promise you everything you need, will definitely suit your factory!

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