Recently, we have realized that cardboard cups are much better and innovative than their old ones. We can come across very creative cardboard cup designs with various colors, prints, texts or symbols. With the printing process becoming so easy and widespread, we observe that even local cafes carry their symbols on their glasses, thus increasing the user experience.


We, as Yavuz Makine, are here with a product that will enable you to gain more customers and allow you to appeal to all companies, large and small. It has never been easier to produce original and wonderfully designed cups with the YM/BKM cardboard cup printing machine! Let’s take a closer look at the features of this engineering marvel.

YM/BKM machine is a highly advanced model that can perform both single and double sided PE coated printing and cutting operations in a single chassis. Thanks to the full SERVO engines used in the sections where cutting and printing operations are carried out, you can achieve more efficient printing processes.

In this model, the main ingredient of printing, the ink, is water-based and has no harm to human health. In addition, thanks to its wide color palette and stainless steel paint reservoir, you can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors at the same time.

You can maximize your glass production speed thanks to its 30 M/Minute cutting speed. With its electricity-saving structure and infrared dryers for mass production, everything you are looking for is in the YM/BKM model!

You can also try this model to be able to easily print in color, increase the number of your customers and become a versatile manufacturer. Yavuz Makine is always with you with the innovations it offers and the useful models it produces!

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